Month: April 2020

bass clef double bass

Can you Learn Double Bass Online? Advice and Resources

With the advent of Youtube, Zoom and other online teaching platforms students have a greater choice of options when it comes to learning the double bass. Can one actually progress their playing using these online resources and what are the advantages and disadvantages of online teaching in comparison with face to face traditional music lessons …

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miniature double bass instruments

Can a Child Learn the Double Bass?

Double basses look like big beasts which should only be played by equally big people. You may be wondering whether a child can play such a big instrument. If your pre-teen or teen has their heart set on being a double bassist, should you go out and buy one?

ukulele bass

Does a Bass Ukulele Sound like a Double Bass?

There is an instrument that is a fraction of the size of an upright bass but sounds like a double bass.  Is it possible? Is this a dream?  I’d say that bass ukulele is the closest thing I have heard to a double bass that is not a double bass.